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Dana Cooper

"This veteran song poet is a self-contained road warrior--a man of many tunes and tunings, and a right hand few guitarists will ever know. Sharp eyes in the head on his shoulders, a droll sense of humor and the weathered heart of a person who's spent a lot of his life on the road alone. His voice speaks to your center with its pure clarity, but then it breaks and soars like a bird that flies into a strong wind. His music is vital, and live you see him channel all his energy into the song. The songs are smart, but they come from his heart."
Frank Goodman,

"Dana Cooper may record in Tennessee, but his songs have a decidedly downtown feel. With a voice that recalls Marshall Crenshaw, Cooper spins infectious melodies and vivid lyrics ("She burned his smiling photograph... /His pretty face curled into ash") that beg for repeated listening. From the earnest ballad "I Had That Comin'" to the wistful Beatles tribute "In My Living Room," Miracle Mile is an undeniable power-pop gem."
Bob Cannon, Entertainment Weekly

"A writer who is capable of creating striking images... A driving acoustic rocker... "
Stephen Holden, Rolling Stone Magazine

Dana Cooper's new CD, "Made of Mud"

Cooper's new album "Made of Mud" is a suite of songs that span the entirety of his career. The most recent, "Sit This One Out," was finished during recording sessions last year; the earliest, "Step Into The Light," was written with Russell in San Francisco three decades ago. "I wanted purposely to include some of these older songs," says Cooper. "I thought they fit what I'm doing now. It's funny how a song that old will still be so timely." There is one unexpectedly timely tune on Made of Mud that Cooper didn't write: Woody Guthrie's "Pretty Boy Floyd." It's the first cover version Cooper has ever included on an album, although he's been performing it since his coffeehouse years in Missouri. "I thought some of the things that are going on now hearken back to the Depression, when there were outlaws in the country fighting against the banks and the big-money guys," he explains. "I see the time we're in now as similar to that time in a lot of ways."

Despite such disparate origins, the 11 tracks on Made of Mud bring a broad range of human experience into focus and clarity, coherence and concision. "There are songs about mortality and immortality, politics and religion and love, the struggle of living, and the possibilities of how much we can accomplish," says Cooper. "It's a journey through life, from song to song."

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Flowers in the Desert,
an acoustic concert series in Brenham/Chappell Hill, Texas.

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