About HouseConcerts.com

What Are Houseconcerts?

A house concert very simply defined is a musical event presented in someone’s home or another small space
such as a backyard or community meeting room. It was very aptly put by our friend,
, who said it is “Music as it should be…in the home, from the heart.” It is a chance to
introduce some wonderful singer/songwriters to an audience in a setting where people are gathered to
focus on music. From the beginning of time music has been an enriching experience. We are sure that
house concerts have actually occurred for thousands of years. Sometimes it was just families getting
together to share some music and fun and other times a few neighbors would drop in and share the experience.

We started our house concert series, Flowers in the Desert in June, 1997.
Our house concert series is named after a Richard Bermansong. Shortly thereafter we
discovered that a lot of singer/songwriters needed a little exposure which is why we created this site.
It helps them with contacts and it exposes their music a liitle more to the general public.

We are not for profit. Our Our houseconcert booklet,
which describes how to start your own house concert series, helps to offset the costs of Folk Alliance ,
Southwest Regional Folk Alliance ,Kerrville Folk Music Festival,
web hosting expenses, programming costs and the costs associated with our own concert series.
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